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Darron Ayscue

Working to streamline efficiency:

Initiating a comprehensive review of the budget to include requesting department heads for a balanced budget on a calculated roll back rate of the millage.


Preserving Our Rich History:

I am committed to working with community leaders and stakeholders to develop a concrete plan to preserve the canopy and natural beauty of the island.


Part of this plan will require working with private industry partners to present a unified front with the government to stand together for the city of Fernandina Beach.

We're Better Together...Not Divided:

I have always believed that the best approach to solving any problem or working through any challenge, is to listen to all sides of an issue.


By understanding different points of view, making decisions based on facts- not rhetoric, and working together… we can rise to meet any challenge that faces Fernandina Beach now or in the future.



Fernandina Beach City Commissioner Seat 5

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