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Current Issues

Economic Development

After being elected, I was appointed to the Nassau County Economic Development Board to help represent the interests of everyone living and doing business in Fernandina Beach. Working with this organization is essential to the proper planning and creation of a strong economic future for not only the citizens of Fernandina Beach, but to create better opportunities for everyone in Nassau County, FL.

Interagency Collaboration

One of the promises I made during my campaign was to work together with all involved parties on every issue. I firmly believe this approach more equitably represents everyone affected and gives a voice to those who may otherwise be ignored.

I am currently working with the Nassau County Board of Commissioners, the Ocean Highway and Port Authority, and the Nassau County School Board to ensure we, as your elected officials, are doing right by everyone in Nassau County.

Fiscal Responsibility

From the beginning, one of the key issues residents and businesses of Fernandina Beach wanted to be addressed was the city's budget. One of the first things I did after taking office was to begin the process of completely reviewing the city budget to ensure your tax dollars are being spent wisely.

Additionally, I have begun working with the Nassau County Board of Commissioners to secure funding for much-needed infrastructure projects in the city. This will help defray the costs to everyone in the City of Fernandina Beach.

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